Exploring a Career in the Construction Industry

Depending on your interests you can choose from work that is indoors or outdoors. Some positions require a great amount of skill or training while others are just physically demanding.General Construction Occupations
In the general construction arena there can be many rewarding positions. You can choose many fields of expertise in the construction industry. Some top positions are Electricians, Carpenters, Roofers and Brickmasons.You can also choose careers that are not on the fore front of the actual building process. Some of these positions include construction or electrical estimators, construction engineers and sales.Getting Started in the Construction Industry
Depending on the field of expertise you are choosing to pursue there may be technical or vocational schools or training that you might consider.Many people start in the construction industry as a laborer or helper and work many years to develop their experience. However, certain careers do need formal education and on the job experience.Many trades have apprenticeship programs where you can learn your trade by working with experienced workers.Certain occupations, such as electricians may have licensing requirements which will vary by state.Environment
To pursue a career in the construction industry you should have the ability to endure long hours and should be in good physical condition.In this field, you may be exposed to different weather conditions as depending on your project you may be outdoors or in partially enclosed buildings.Safety
Work in this industry does come with its share of risk. Many workers are prone to injury due to the demanding nature of the positions and the type of weather that they may be forced to work in.To reduce the number of injuries to construction workers many safety regulations are mandated. Some of these regulations are safety clothing, gloves, hardhats and devices to protect eyes, mouth and hearing.Nature of the Industry
There are three areas of construction. The first area, construction of buildings, is when a contractor builds a residential, industrial, commercial or other type of building.The second area is heavy and civil engineering construction, which involves the construction of sewers, roads, bridges and tunnels.The third area is specialty trade contractors, in which construction is related to a particular area like plumbing or electrical work.